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JAN 1, 2018

Handel’s “Messiah,” on Skid Row

Three years ago, Brian Palmer, a forty-three-year-old native of Beaumont, California, was a homeless man struggling to overcome heroin addiction. One activity that helped him through the skittish early period of sobriety was singing.

DEC 26, 2017

Reinstilling Dignity with Guest Christopher Mack

Christopher Mack has been a lead community worker on skid row in downtown Los Angeles for 15 years. He has a unique understanding of community and what it involves and how best to work with individuals, always leaving them with their dignity.

DEC 10, 2017

An L.A. Phil reminder that but a mile, and fate, separate Disney Hall from skid row

Friday morning in Disney, the Los Angeles Philharmonic performed an unflinchingly ferocious performance of Prokofiev’s Sixth Symphony. The moment the concert was over, a number of the players immediately took off their concert dress, donned Street Symphony T-shirts and headed to skid row.

DEC 4, 2017

"You have to love people. That's what we are. We're people."

Meet Christopher Mack, a community outreach worker in the neighborhood of Skid Row. He's also a member of the Urban Voices Project, a community choir comprised of people affected by homelessness.

FEB 23, 2017

Raising voices, changing lives

A song of hope is rising on Skid Row, thanks to the musical efforts of the Urban Voices Project. Listen in as current and formerly homeless singers raise their voices in a celebration of art, community and human potential.

DEC 13, 2016

A Performance of Handel's Messiah in a Homeless Shelter Brings Hope to Skid Row

In a building at the corner of San Pedro and Sixth, a choir raises its collective voice in a chorus of “hallelujahs,” filling the gym of the Midnight Mission with a blast of sublime sound.

DEC 11, 2016

'The Messiah' from opposite ends of the economic spectrum

Last week there happened to be something remarkable: two different (and they couldn’t have been more different) performances of Handel’s oratorio oriented around the one percent — the top and bottom one percent, that is.

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DEC 24, 2014

Choir Attracts Singers From LA's Skid Row

When they're not in rehearsal, some of the Colburn Wesley Project singers live on the streets of Los Angeles. The unlikely choir will be performing through this holiday season.

NOV 27, 2014

Skid row singers soothe their bruised souls -- together

The Colburn Wesley Project singers stepped out onto the 51st floor of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper to make their debut.